Child and adolescent therapy provides kids with a safe, therapeutic and open space where they can express themselves along with any issues or problems they may face. 

Although traditional talk therapy is used with adolescents and at times with children, it is important to have an understanding of child development, along with meeting each client on their own individual level.  We will oftentimes engage children in the therapeutic process using a variety of creative interventions such as play, art and literature. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is often incorporated in the therapeutic approach while working with children and their families.  This approach is very goal-directed and explores challenges and replaces skewed thoughts and perceptions.  This approach helps clients achieve a more realistic and positive sense of self, along with attaining measurable goals by using new coping skills.

Child and Adolescent Therapy may include:
      •  Depression and Anxiety
      •  Divorce, separation, loss
      •  Trauma, grief
      •  Physical, sexual, emotional abuse and
      •  Self injury
      •  Behavioral issues
      •  Adoption, foster care
      •  Anger management, impulse control
      •  Positive coping skills
      •  School issues, educational performance
      •  Positive sense of self, social issues, peer